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$6.50 each for 'gourmet Wagyu Beef pies' which contained 3 very small pieces of meat each, 1 piece of gristle and the rest is thickened gravy. Won't be back if that's the standard of quality.

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I've been trying to get to Piefection - either location - for several months. Finally made it in today on my way back from the Gold Coast. There was a short line, which I took as a good sign at 1:15pm on a Sunday afternoon. That said, when it was my turn I was less than inspired by the limited selection available and the state of the remaining pies - they looked nothing like the photos I've seen on Zomato and Piefection's Facebook page...more like they had been in the heating case for several hours. Still, I've been waiting to try them for months, so I wasn't leaving without a couple pies. Thus, I ordered the French Beef Cheek Bourguinon with Wagyu Beef (I had to try the Beef Cheeks, right?) and the Char Siu Pork Belly. The French Beef Cheek Bourguinon's crust was soggy and couldn't support its own weight. No worries, I have spoons, but the filling was really soft and mushy as well - more like a soft paste. The flavor hinted at what I assume are quality ingredients, but the overall pie was very disappointing. This rated a 2.5 and might have been the only time I've ever fed my dogs beef cheeks. The Char Siu Pork Belly pie that ended up in my box looked quite unappealing. The pie's upper crust had fallen and the red char siu sauce had soaked through it. The Pork Belly within was quite tender, but the meat was swimming in the char siu sauce, which was really really sweet (this looked and tasted similar to sweet and sour sauce in a Chinese restaurant). This too rated a 2.5, but the dogs loved it. I also grabbed a bottle of Grubb Bros Cold Brew Coffee with Milk. There was something very wrong with this coffee - the best way I can describe it would be 'muddy tasting'. I thought maybe I hadn't shaken it enough, but a little extra shake made it even worse and after Lady Meatball confirmed my assessment (don't you just love it when your partner asks you to try something to confirm that it is terrible or gone off?) I was left with no other option except to pour this out. This rated a 1, but I acknowledge that Piefection only stock this product, not bottle it. I will independently fire off some feedback to them and haven't let this influence my overall rating for Piefection. That said, my overall experience was pretty poor - definitely not Pie Perfection. I would have liked to try the Triple Prime Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, but that was not available. Based on the lofty ratings from others, I'm sure I'll give them another go at some point, but I'll make sure it is early in the day and I certainly won't go out of my way to return.

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