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Beautiful Burgers

Chippendale, Shop 5, 87-97 Regent Street, Chippendale, Sydney

Casual Dining , burgers , Sandwich , Cafes

3.6 3 Reviews

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Order your lunch or dinner now at Beautiful Burgers, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Beautiful Burgers from Chippendale. Do you have any questions? Just call +61293193132.

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Beautiful burger was a big surprise! Although it does not look so much from the outside, this burger joint / cafe offers a great atmosphere from the spacious modern interior to a hipster dining room, which extends to the back of the restaurant. <br> Grief All employees were inviting and very attentive to our needs. And we noticed that regular guests were well in memory and promptly served. <br> Grief The food was delicious, especially her special for the day - homemade corn with sauerkraut on rye bread. A court for which I would go on. <br> Grief Coffee was also a charming. <br> Grief Would definitely recommend beautiful burgers to everyone!

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This restaurant went with the Amazon Acai Smoothie Poster on the glass door to the station. The lady at the bar, a cheerful Irish woman greeted me and explained that she makes one of the best. I was interested as I am a big fan of these emerging acai bowls. <br> Grief I blessed with a sunny day, I decided to sit outside in the back. It was fantastic. It did not take too long until the Acai bowl reached my table when I read the catalogs that were on benches. <br> Grief The Acai itself was refreshing as it should be. A few things that made this special Acai have been different was the fact that they added coconut oil to cure when settling. I also live the variety of fruit as the regular bananas and strawberries. <br> Grief I would like to return here because of the service, the ambience and the food. Her burger looked astonishingly, try to give them an attempt. <br> Grief Something I did not like so much were the backpacking Herreshesh people who would make a ruckus that passes through the rear courtyard, swear, scream, really loud and smoke worst. Unlike that, it was pretty good.

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