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33A - 35A Buckingham Avenue, Springvale, Dandenong, Victoria 3171, Australia, City of Knox

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Ordering food is becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so: it allows us to spend more time doing what we want to do instead of dealing with tedious tasks. Since there's so much to do these days, we're trying to cross being in the kitchen off your list so you can spend more time with your family and friends. And if you love to cook, ordering food at a Tavern is a great way to discover new treats that you can then try for yourself.

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We went to Springvale for a spot of grocery shopping, and before we started to trawl though the vast aray of markets, some lunch was in order. We came accross the Hue Kitchen and as my wife and I have very fond memories of Hoi Ann & Hue in Vietnam, we decided to go in.My wife had the Crispy Pankakes and with one bite, we were transported back to our Vietnam adventures. They were crisp, fresh and had all of the Bells and Whistles of the authentic ones we had back in Hoi Ann.I asked the guy that served us, ( I think that was the owner), what was his favorite dish and he recommended the Broken Rice. It came with a fried egg, spicy chop and all the usual other condiments. Also served on a sizzling plate. It was fantastic. My daughter had the Vietnamese dumplings, there were 10 on the plate. Magnificent! The boy had beef salad with prawn crackers. It was awsome. It was fresh, minty and hot with chilli. Who would know that a 8 year old Aussie boy would enjoy chilli.The decor was modern and clean, the tables didn't rock, and all staff were extremely friendly.It was 4 great sizes meals with a couple of drinks for a more than reasonable price. We will return, but the only issue is what do we eat next time? It all looks so good.Highly recommend.

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Two of us enjoyed a quick early evening meal on a Saturday and were impressed by friendly service, and the restaurant in general.Having walked past on many occasions when I finally stepped inside I was not disappointed.Meals are fresh and tasty, and because they are made to order there is a short wait.Tables and chairs / stools are attractive and comfortable and the overall ambience is clean, bright and fresh.I ordered a Vietnamese Iced Coffee (caphe sua da) and was asked if I wanted it strong... yes please was the answer! Again, there was a short wait because (unlike most other places in Springvale) the coffee was made to order... and when it arrived was great, although slightly more expensive than others around.The two of us shared a starter and main meal and enjoyed delicious spring rolls and fried rice.A return visit is assured.

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