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Gladstone, Shop 7 184 Goondoon St | 3/2 Chapman Drive, Gladstone, Queensland 4680, Australia

Fast Food , australian

3.5 15 Reviews

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It was not the best chicken, chips and gravy of my life, definitly. But quite good for the price. Combo at 22$ , possibily to add cheese on the chips.

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I'd rate this place in negative numbers if i could.The first time i went there i asked the girl behind the counter if they could put lettuce on The Hot chicken roll. Her attitude sucked and she refused to ask the cook if he could put lettuce on it. If you serve burgers with lettuce tomato and onion it seems logical that you could add lettuce to a hot chicken roll. I don't even mind paying $.50 cents extra or whatever. When i asked to see a supervisor she refused. I ate the roll without lettuce.NOW here is where it gets WORSE. I went back a few weeks later and ordered a chicken burger. Now I understand when customers ask for their Beef Burger or Steak Medium Well, Medium Rare, Different people have different tastes.I got my Chicken Burger with lettuce no drama with that this time, After driving away from the shop a few minutes later i bit into it to discover a Medium RARE chicken burger. It was seriously under-cooked and was basically a Salmonella infested nightmare that a starving Somalian wouldn't eat.This place needs a visit from a Health Inspector or a Demolition Crew

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