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this place is excellent! I have now pad kee mau (spicy) with chicken,Deep fried salt and pfeffer tofu ordered,Lemon pepper calamari with sweet chili sauce and plant green curry (spicy), green papaya som tam with deep fried soft-shell crab (Spicy),Pad ThaiChicken,Ginger sauce die fry. this is about authenticity and food quality. generally served with fresh vegetables. low oil. this place has it for the Melbourne Palaeat. I really enjoyed the good quality fresh ingredients in the dressed. they even used cut chicken breast, which is the most expensive cut of the chicken. (most asian places use pieces of huhn maryland I loved the pad kee mau, pad thai, lemon pepper calamari and green curry. the calamari was high quality, delicate and well prepared with skoring. the salt and pfeffertofu should probably have more Chinese salt and pfefferstreu. I thought it was a bit amazing, but nothing fresh chili will not repair. the green curry is full of flesh and thick. I loved how everyone had their own unique personalities. for example, the green Papaya salad was sour and spicy as he should be and did not excuse for that. the green curry had the right apron with kaffir lime sheet, but the championship was in making the remaining ingredients smooth nothing was hard or overpowered in this plate. I loved it. I'm going to Thai food in town. it has been a long time since to find a sacred grail thai restaurant in melbourne city.

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very tasty Thai food with high quality matching weeping, beautiful atmosphere and very friendly service. great place to dive with friends or family!

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